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Monday, February 1, 2010

#80: You Like Me Too Much

Written by: George Harrison
Released: August 6, 1965
Appears on: HELP!
Lead vocal: George

HELP! is the first album to feature two songs written by George. "You Like Me Too Much", though, is a lot like "I Need You". It's just another simple love song without much meaning beyond 'I love you...a lot.' 
The recording features three different pianists, with John on piano during the bulk of the song. For the introduction, Paul and George Martin play piano parts simultaneously. The Steinway piano was played by both of them at the same time and is nowhere else in the song. 
This is definitely a filler track, without a doubt. It never appears anywhere else and, as previously mentioned during the "I Need You" entry, was forgotten by George in his I, Me, Mine autobiography. The song just pales in comparison to the Lennon/McCartney numbers that surround it. 
Thankfully, George's next songs would prove that he was actually in the same league as Lennon/McCartney, it just took him awhile. 

"You Like Me Too Much" (as well as two other songs on HELP!) appeared in the US prematurely on Beatles VI, a completely manufactured record. I'll talk more about the whole procedure for the "Bad Boy" entry, which won't come until after Revolver, since I'm following the UK sequence. I just wanted to let everyone know that I didn't forget! 

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