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Thursday, April 2, 2009

#20: It Won't Be Long

Written by: John Lennon & Paul McCartney
Released: November 22nd, 1963
Appears on: with the beatles
Lead vocal: John 

Well, it doesn't start with a count-in, but with the beatles starts off like a firecracker. "It won't be long...yeah...yeah...it won't be long!" 
Compared to the rest of the originals, "It Won't Be Long" certainly isn't entirely strong, but it still is a great opener. The theme of the song is obvious: It won't be long until you are mine! Maybe the Beatles were still nervous that people weren't taking them seriously or that they were going to be one-hit wonders, so they started off with a song that says, basically, when this record is over, you'll believe in us and you will like us. This song also proves right off the bat that this, again, will be a John dominated album and this will remain true until Revolver. The fact is, although Paul was writing great material at the time, his songs were few and far between. 
Also, with with the beatles, the group was able to expiriment a little more, especially since they had so much more time. The album was recorded on two seperate occasions: a date in July and a date in September. On top of that, George Martin was able to keep his promse of not putting the latest single on the LP, making all the songs actually sound like they all belonged together.