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Saturday, February 6, 2010

#84 Dizzy Miss Lizzie

Written by: Larry Williams
Released: August 6, 1965
Appears on: HELP!
Lead vocal: John

"Dizzy Miss Lizzie" is the last hurrah. It is the final cover to appear on the standard Beatles studio albums and the last time John was forced to belt out that "Twist And Shout"-type vocal. Initially, the track was not supposed to be on HELP! as it was recorded, like "Bad Boy", specifically for Capitol and the American market. Both "Bad Boy" and "Dizzy Miss Lizzie" appeared on Beatles VI, along with "You Like Me Too Much" and "Tell Me What You See", prior to their British releases. "You Like Me Too Much" and "Tell Me What You See" were always supposed to be on HELP!, but once it appeared as though the idea of a wholly original LP fell flat thanks to "Act Naturally", "Dizzy Miss Lizzie" was up for inclusion.
"Dizzy Miss Lizzie" was written by Larry Williams, who also wrote "Slow Down" and "Bad Boy". ("Slow Down" was actually the B-Side to "Dizzy Miss Lizzie" in March, 1958.) The Beatles performance of the song is great, no doubt about it, but there's a feeling of 'been-there-done-that' here. This is the fifth Beatles album and all but one ended with a raucous cover. Not only was this effect wearing thin on the boys, but it was probably wearing a little thin on the public. 

The song was included on 1976's Rock 'N' Roll Music as the side three opener, but has never been anywhere else. A version was recorded for the BBC prior to its release on HELP! that is included on Live At The BBC.  

Next: We get to sink our teeth in the first ever Double-A sided single! 

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