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Sunday, January 24, 2010

#75: I Need You

Written by: George Harrison
Released: August 6, 1965
Appears on: HELP!
Lead vocal: George

"'I Need You' by George Harrison!!"

"I Need You" is the first song written by George to appear on an album since "Don't Bother Me" back on with the beatles. It hardly helps to prove that George was actually as good a songwriter as John and Paul. In fact, George 'forgot' to include both of the songs he wrote for HELP! in his autobiography, I, Me, Mine. A few others were left out, but these were the only ones written and released during the Beatles years that he dropped. 
Since George got a vocal shot in A Hard Day's Night, it's only right that he does get one in HELP! and like the last film, he gets the worst song. "I Need You" feels like a routine love song that he wrote just to prove that "Don't Bother Me" wasn't all that he could do. Still, the only thing interesting about the song is the use of the volume pedal that George used to give "Yes It Is" a unique sound. George does a pretty good vocal, but that's about it. 
The really funny thing about "I Need You" is during the HELP! credits. On the card that says "Songs written by John Lennon & Paul McCartney", we hear George yell "'I Need You' by George Harrison!!" This could be a jab at the fact that in A Hard Day's Night, the card also said the same thing, even though "Don't Bother Me" was partially used during the dancing sequence. Either that, or the boys and Richard Lester probably thought it was funny. During the film itself, the song is played during the same sequence as "The Night Before".

"I Need You" has only ever appeared on HELP! making it one of the more obscure Beatles songs. Considering it's not one of their best (and that George himself neglected it), I suppose it's for the best. 

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