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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

#49: I'll Cry Instead

Written by: John Lennon & Paul McCartney
July 10, 1964
Appears on: A Hard Day's Night

Lead vocal: John

This is one of my favorite early Beatles songs. I just think it creates such a great link between John's more introspective songs of the Beatles' middle period and into his solo career.
The song was originally supposed to be where we hear "Can't Buy Me Love", a much more upbeat (subject-wise) song, in the movie. While it is a good decision (especially since I can't see the boys wanting to dance around in a scene set to a song about a man who just lost his girl) I still would have liked to have seen it in the movie. Instead of "I'm Happy Just To Dance With You", this would definitely be better.
As I mentioned before, the song is about a guy who just lost his girl. He's heartbroken and when he recovers, "...you better hide all the girls/'Cause I'll be breakin' hearts all around the world". The song also has a country/western feel and its supreme brevity just adds to its greatness. At just a minute and forty-six seconds long, it sure packs a wallop.

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