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Sunday, October 25, 2009

#46: And I Love Her

Written by: John Lennon & Paul McCartney
July 10, 1964
Appears on: A Hard Day's Night

Lead vocal: Paul

Of the seven songs in A Hard Day's Night, Paul gets just two songs...and they are among his best. "Can't Buy Me Love" was also released prior to the LP, so "And I Love Her" was the only new film song buyers got from Paul. On the non-film side, Paul only has one song, meaning on the whole album, he has just three tracks!
"And I Love Her" is Paul's first masterpiece and obviously it gave him the confidence to air "Yesterday" out in the following year. It's also one of his most beautiful love songs, featuring a fantastic vocal. On the Anthology is the second of two takes where they tried a full electric approach and they quickly realized that it didn't fit the song.
The really nifty thing about the song is the title. It's the second half of a thought and only appears after the first verse. A lot of the early Beatle songs used the title as a launching point (the title track of this album being the best example, of course), but here it almost seems like Paul wrote the song first and then said "let's name it after half of one of the lines." Thus, we have "And I Love Her."
As I mentioned before, it was released on 45 in the US, with "If I Fell" on the flip-side. It reached #12 on Billboard.
The song is also on 1962-1966 (the 'Red' Album) and that was definitely my first exposure to it as a kid. I loved the song. I kind of thought it was a companion to "All My Loving". It's like a slower and more mature version of the song. "And I Love Her" is easily my favorite early Beatles song, tied with another track on this album...

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