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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

#31: Devil In Her Heart

Written by: Richard Drapkin
Released: November 22nd, 1963
Appears on: with the beatles
Lead vocal: George

As the last girl-group song recorded by the Beatles, "Devil In Her Heart" is easily the worst.
Originally recorded as "Devil In His Heart" in 1962, it was first performed by a group called the Donays and, unlike many of the other covers by the Beatles, was never a hit single...anywhere. Hmm...I wonder why? (I can't even provide a YouTube link to the original, since the only performances of the song on the site are by the Beatles.)
The story of how George landed a copy has never been told, but we do know that he loved girl-group songs (since he and John sing most of the ones the boys covered). I think he loved the fact that the song was so obscure that no one would recognize it. The problem with "Devil In Her Heart" is that it is just not a song that allows the Beatles to show what they're good at. The best thing is the harmonies, though.
The song proves that some singles remain obscure for a reason. If it weren't for the Beatles, I doubt anyone would even know of the song.

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