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Monday, September 14, 2009

#26: Please Mr. Postman

Written by: Georgia Dobbins, William Garrett, Brian Holland, Robert Bateman & Freddie Gorman
Released: November 22nd, 1963
Appears on: with the beatles
Lead vocal: John

It took a while for the Beatles to shed their girl-group infatuation (see "Chains", "Boys" and "Baby It's You"), but I think we're all thankful that they kicked that bucket after with the beatles.
"Please Mr. Postman" was recorded by The Marvelettes and became the first number one record for Motown (although still Tamla at the time). The original speaks for itself and is a piece of pure rock 'n' roll heaven (it can be found here).
Of course, the Beatles give a fairly good performance of it, but this is one of those rare cases where the Beatles did not really better the song. It's a nice little corner of the album and just a case of the boys performing a favorite song of theirs, but there are better covers on with the beatles.

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