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Sunday, September 20, 2009

#28: Hold Me Tight

Written by: John Lennon & Paul McCartney
Released: November 22nd, 1963
Appears on: with the beatles
Lead vocal: Paul

When people wonder about the worst song the Beatles ever recorded, things like "Wild Honey Pie" or "Revolution 9" usually come up, but there are very few who even dare mention "Hold Me Tight". It is simply the nadir of the Beatles' catalog. Two minutes and thirty-two seconds of Paul going "It feels so right, now HOLD ME TIGHT!" Though, my favorite part is the bridge ("Oh-woah, what it feels to hold you tight/Being alone tonight with you"), especially with Ringo's drumming.
Like "Chains" before it, though, "Hold Me Tight" is without a doubt the weak link in with the beatles.

As a side note, though, "Hold Me Tight" on Red Rose Speedway isn't much better.

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