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Sunday, March 29, 2009

#18: She Loves You

Written by: John Lennon & Paul McCartney 
Released: August 23rd, 1963 
Appears on: Past Masters, Vol. 1 
Lead vocal: John & Paul

This is where Beatlemania starts. It's such a perfect song, with a great hook and all the power that a great #1 single should have. All the pieces of Beatlemania come together on this one song that runs two minutes and fifteen seconds. The "Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!"s...the harmonies....the musicianship...everything is laid out for all to see.
What is so interesting about the song is the whole "third party" idea. John & Paul, the singers, are not the ones saying "I love you", but saying "Tell her YOU love her." "Go on, you can do it little boy, we're all here for you." To me, as a kid, this was such a bizarre concept. The idea of the song is so simple to me, but when I was like three or four, rockin' out to this song, the thing that grabbed me was the "Yeah"s! I remember thinking what are they saying that
can't be bad? Obviusly my concept of love at age three was fairly rudimentary.
This is also one of those songs where you understand immediately why the Beatles are so loved all over the world. This song is relatable
to any young boy of any race or color or whatever and it instantly tells a girl how a guy might feel about her.

In the end, the single (again, never released on an LP in the UK until
...Oldies But Goldies) turned out to be the group's first million selling disc and they would never look back.

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