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Monday, March 9, 2009

#1: Love Me Do (Single Version)

Written by: Paul McCartney & John Lennon
Released: October 5th, 1962
Appears on: Past Masters, Volume I
Lead vocal: Paul

According to scientific theory, the Big Bang created the universe we inhabit today. It wasn't a sudden gigantic blast and, in fact, it is still going on today. To this day, the universe continues to expand and it just keeps going.
If the Big Bang wasn't a massive explosion with sound (considering there's no sound in space), this means that the Big Bang might not have been so Big at all. With the Beatles, their true Big Bang wasn't so Big...it was just big. When the Beatles released "Love Me Do" b/w "P.S. I Love You", as is well documented, it stalled at #17. In fact this is the #1 song on the British charts when "Love Me Do" is released in October:

Yeah...great stuff, isn't it?

As for the song itself, it is rather pedestrian, you have to admit. It's a simple song with simple lyrics about a man needing someone to love and he found someone, so let's get together and "love me do" mama. That's making fun of it, of course, but that's all it is, really.
I'm not a trained musician, so you'll have to excuse me for being slightly rudimentary in describing its' musical aspects. Paul is thumping along on the bass and George's messy guitar licks are nothing to squeal about. The song does not give itself to great drumming, in fact, you have to wonder why George Martin made such a fuss about it. "Love Me Do" is a song that requires the simplest drumming, so why take Ringo off? That's a discussion for down the road though.
The best part of the song is John's harmonica playing, which is the reason why he's not singing lead. In fact, you can tell that the Beatles and Martin cared so little for experimenting (at this stage who could afford it?) that there is no overdubbing. We hear John actually take the harmonica away to sing "Somebody new!" and "Someone like you!"
In conclusion, "Love Me Do" is a great debut single for a group, but the better track sits on the flip-side.

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